Problem Solving and Decision Making

Quotation: “If I had an hour to solve a problem I would spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” Albert Einstein
Objective 1: Explain my views regarding the meanings of problem solving and decision-making
Objective 2: Illustrate the steps of each view
Objective 3: Compare the results of choosing three decision solutions to a general issue
Objective 4: Review briefly, how problem-solving and decision-making can assist us to improve the quality of our life

I. Problem Solving 
A. Define the situation or problem clearly (example: Global warming)
1. What is the problem? 
2. What cause the problem? 
B. Recommend the ideal solution to the problem
1. What exactly must the solution accomplish? (e.g., reducing the emission of CO2)
2. Brainstorm and analyze the different choices

II. Decision Making 
A. Is there any side effect of the solutions? 
1. Advantage is solution
2. Disadvantage of solution
B. Execute the right decision
1. Convert your decision into a plan
2. Execute your plan 

1. Problem-solving and decision-making are the fundamental skills that can help us to solve many problems in life, such as family, business, school or global. 
2. If people keep finding new solutions and making the right decisions, any problem can be solved and eliminated in the future. 
3. Thank you. Do you have any questions?