Customer Service and Problem-Solving

I. Definition of 'customer service.'
II. Objectives of my presentation:
Objective 1 (primary): Explain how to deal with stressful situations and solve problems that occur in different customer service settings
Objective 2: Explain what customer service is
Objective 3: Discuss the importance of effective communication skills
Objective 4: Demonstrate how to create the first positive impression
Objective 5: How to greet customers
Objective 6: Explain the problem-solving process and find solutions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
I. Customer service
A. What is customer service
B. Effective Communication Skills
1. Eye contact
2. Body language  
3. Some questions   
4. Smiling face
5. Checking for understanding
C. Create a positive impression
D. Greeting customers
1. Smile
2. Ask how you can help
3. Give the customer your full attention
E. Dealing with difficult behavior
1. Listen
2. Don't get defensive
3. Find out what the customer wants
4. Don’t take it personally
5. Accept responsibility for what you can do
II. Problem solving  
A. The problem-solving  process  
1. Define the problem
2. Determine the starting issue
3. Analyze the situation
B. Find solutions
1. Generate ideas
2. Evaluate ideas
3. Make decisions

I. Briefly, revise the main ideas
II. Thank you. Do you have any questions?