Case Studies

Job Interview Case Study Examples

1. Grocery Store
Your family has had a grocery store for more than 50 years. Recently, a supermarket has opened 100 meters down the road. - What are you going to do?

2. A Fly in the Soup
You are the owner of a small restaurant. A customer complained to you that he had found a fly in his soup. - What will you do/say? 

3. E-Mail
You do not like your boss but you like the job very much. One day you typed a message on your computer to an understanding colleague (your best friend) complaining about your boss, using the words “stupid, lacking of feelings” and “cruel”. You e-mailed this message to your friend. But a few seconds later you realized that you made a mistake. Instead of directing the message to your friend, you had sent it to your boss! - What is your next step? Discuss with your friends. 

4. Marketing a Product
You are a Marketing Executive. Invent a product or service and market it and then present your idea to me. You have to design an advertisement for a TV commercial or magazine. Please divide your presentation into three parts:
1. Describe the product or service.
2. Describe the advertising method used.
3. Explain, why you chose certain things in your advertisement, i.e. beautiful landscape, people, etc.

5. Domestic Violence
You had a long conversation with a friend and coworker, a part-time employee who revealed to you that she is a victim of domestic violence. The woman’s husband has been abusing her since their first child was born. He is careful to injure her only in ways that do not leave visible signs, and she feels sure no one would ever believe her word against his. The family’s assets, even “her” car, are all in his name, and her part-time salary would not be enough for herself and the children to live on. Further, he has threatened to kill her if she ever leaves him or reveals the truth. After talking with you, the woman asks you to keep this conversation confidential. - What would you say / do?

6. Conflict at Work
You are Human Resource Manager, a married person with two children. You had a conflict in the workplace. One of your employees said this morning that he knows where your kids go to school. When he spoke, his eyes looked terrible and his voice was angry. - What will you do and say? 

7. A Strange Case
You are Manager of a company. Several employees came to your office and reported an unusual situation which had occurred the previous day. An agency employee from a different building had been in and out of their office over a seven-hour period, remarking to several people that “the Government” had kept her prisoner, inserted microphones in her head to hear what she was thinking, and tampered with her computer to feed her evil thoughts. She also said that her doctors diagnosed her as paranoid schizophrenic, but that they are wrong about her. She made inflammatory remarks about co-workers, and made threatening statements such as, “Anybody in my old job who got in my way came down with mysterious illnesses”. - What will you do and say? 

8. Car Accident
Your spouse suffered a serious car accident a few years ago, and since then has been confined to a wheelchair. You had to give up your job to look after him/her and more recently s/he has become so demanding that you have to spend all your time with him/her. - What will you do? 

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