Assignment 1

Dear Student,

You will have to submit the assignment in written form (printed, Times New Roman 12, spaces between lines 1.15). Please write your name, student ID and the date of submission at the top of the page.

We discussed the task in class. Please ask me, if you are still not sure what to do. 

Here is the task:

Practical skills assessment (100 marks)

As part of a practice job application, students find a suitable job advertisement, collect information about the company (company values, mission statement, the number of employees, etc.), and produce a CV and cover email that target that job.

You should give clear answers to the following questions (in written form):

  1. What do you know about this institution?
  2. What are the duties and responsibilities of this job?
  3. What kind of technology do they use?
  4. What qualities will be required for this job?
  5. Why are you applying for this job? / Why do you want this job?
  6. Why should they hire you? / Why are you different from others?
  7. What could you contribute?

I added dates to all other assessments and these dates have been approved. You will find them here.