Personal Goal Setting

The principal question: How to set your goals for the future?

A. Define the meanings of goal
B. Explain the relationship between your goals and your future
C. Preview the body:
I. Method proposed to achieve goals
II. Explain why we should have goals                           

A. Methods suggested achieving goals
I. Desire
II. Confidence
III. Write your goals
IV. Select your benefit from achieving your goal
V. Decide where you are now and where you want to be
VI. Make an appointment to meet the target
VII. Select people who can help to achieve the goals
VIII. Draw a plan of action
IX. Imagine that your goal has been accomplished

B. Explain why we should have goals
I. Give your motivation
II. Allow yourself to measure your progress
III. Focus on your goals
IV.    Be the best you can be

A.    Summarize some important points
B.    End with goal quotes
C.    Do you have any questions?
D.    Thank you.