Labor Laws and Issues

Specific Purpose: Awareness about the issues and laws before starting work

                I.         Gain audience's attention by asking questions 
                II.        Explain what labor laws and issues are
                III.       Preview the body:
                                A.   What is the Labor Laws in the UAE
                                B.   What types of issues occur at work
                                C.   What are the worker's rights
                I.         The Labor Law in the UAE
                                  A.   Article 20
                                  B.   Article 24
                                  C.   Article 27
                                  D.   Article 32
                II.         Types of issues at work
                                 A.   Injustice and inequality
                                 B.   Harassment
                                 C.   Lack of stimulus from the administration
                III.         The worker's rights
                                 A.   Workers' compensation
                                 B.   Contract of employment
                I.         Summarize main points
                II.        End with quotation
                III.       Do you have any questions? 
                IV.       Thank you.