Change Management

Specific Purpose: To discuss advantages and disadvantages of different types of management and explain the positive side of change management.

I. Definition of change management
II. Micro and macro change management
III. Differences between leaders and managers 
IV. Advantages and disadvantages of change management

I. The definition: 
Change management is the tools, processes, and techniques that manage the employees to get the best business results. 
II. The positive aspect of change management:
Change management helps to develop the organization and give opportunities to the youth to manage and give the best result.
III. Micromanagement. 
IV. Macro management. 
V. Manager and leader. 
VI. Advantages of change management:
1. Develops new skills or products
2. Bring the opportunity for an employee to try something new
3. Encourages staff to work hard
VII. Disadvantages of change management:
1. Resistance from employees
2. Spreads rumors among employees
3. Without a good change management plan, the strategy fails.

I. Review of the principal points:
1. The positive aspect
2. The negative aspect
II. Summarize the main points
III. Thank you. Do you have any questions?