Gossip, Bullying, and Harassment in the Workplace

Specific Purpose: To persuade my colleagues to take action on bullying and harassment in the workplace.  

I.  Tell a short story about bullying and harassment in the workplace. 
II.  Establish credibility (I am totally against bullying and harassment). 
III. Explain and discuss (give examples) workplace bullying and harassment:
1. How can bullying affect an individual?
2. How can bullying affect the workplace?

I. Is bullying a workplace issue?
1.  Expressing different opinions
2.  Offering constructive solutions (giving guidance, feedback, advice)
II. Examples of bullying and harassment:
1. Spreading malicious rumors
2. Gossiping 
3. Excluding someone socially 
4. Intimidating a person 
5. Physically abusing 
6. Intruding on a person’s privacy by pestering, spying and stalking. 
III. How can bullying affect an individual? 
1. Physical symptoms (inability to sleep, loss of appetite)
2. Psychosomatic symptoms (stomach pains, headaches)
3. Loss of confidence.
IV. How can bullying affect the workplace?
1. Reduced corporate image and customer confidence.
2. Decreased productivity and motivation.
3. Poor customer service. 

I. Summarize main topics 
II. Tips & advice:
1. Do not delay. Act as soon as possible.
2. Do not ignore potential problems.
3. Work out solutions before the situation gets out of control.
III. Do you have any questions?
IV. Thank you. 

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