Communication Problems in the Workplace

Specific Purpose: To discuss with my audience communication problems in the workplace.

I. Gain audience's attention by doing a quick puzzle or /and telling a brief story
II. Explain what communication is
III. Preview the body:
A. Communication problems 
B. How to solve communication problems
C. Examples of communication problems
D. Brief discussion

I. Why communication problems come up
A. Cultural differences
B. Poor listening skills
C. Misinterpretation                                                                                       D. Technological issues 
E. Give an example
II. Body language                                         
1. Eye contact               
2. Gestures             
3. Posture 
4. Facial expression
III. How to solve communication problems
1. Examples of communication problems
2. Analyze a case study or a situation                           
3. Solutions
4. More case studies or situations

I. Summarize main points
II. End with quotation and recommendations
III.  Ask for any questions
IV. Thank the audience. 

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